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Top Quality Western Saddle Pads!

Are you searching for the best Western saddle pads? Then you have come to the right place. As you know modern western saddle pads are made in a variety of styles, materials and patterns. How do you know which is the right one for you? Let’s review some of the different points to consider when buying your western saddle pad.

Before buy western saddle pads there are some things to know. First let’s explore why you should use a western saddle pad and how they help provide protection for your horse and saddle. Long before western saddle pads were made, riders would use what ever was available and handy. Everything from a simple animal hide or sheep wool between the saddle and horse’s back. While these materials may have been better than nothing at all. Many were not as practical as today’s choices.

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Key Features of Western Saddle Pads -

  • provide cushioning to reduce injury and soreness to your horse
  • help cushion your ‘bottom’ from undue impacts
  • help keep your horses’ back cooler
  • reduce and wick sweat away from your horses’ back
  • helps reduce saddle slippage when fitted properly
  • protects your saddle from excessive dirt and sweat from your horse

Western Saddle Pads

While a good quality western saddle pad can cushion impacts for both rider and horse they should not be used solely to help with an improperly fitted saddle. You need to have the correct saddle fit first. Once you have the correct fitted saddle then choosing a western saddle pad to combine with the saddle is simple.

Selecting The Best Western Saddle Pads -

In order to find the best western saddle pads you first need to be sure that your saddle is fitting properly. If the saddle doesn’t fit as it should you will likely have difficulties with the saddle pad moving. Worse yet is that an improperly fitted saddle and pad combination may not provide the injury protection you are looking for. The last thing you want, is to cause your horse pain and injury.

Western saddle pads are made from a number of different materials. One of the most common materials is fleece. This can be either real lambs wool or a synthetic man made material. Some riders prefer the real natural fleece as it provides greater cushioning between the horse and saddle. By contrast the synthetic fleece usually has a longer life span.

It has been said that western saddle pads made from natural materials should be used whenever possible as they provide a greater cooling and wicking action to help keep your horse dry and cool. It is important to consider the horses comfort and not just the riders when choosing your western saddle pad.

Other popular saddle pad construction materials include felts made from compressed wool. These types of western saddle pads are probably the most popular as they provide a high level of cushioning and excellent wicking of the horses sweat.

The latest western saddle pads designs include foams both open and closed cell types. Yet another is the introduction of the gel western saddle pads.

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Fitting Western Saddle Pads –

A properly fitted saddle pad will be practical and fashionable at the same time. The length of your horses’ back line should be considered whenever sizing your western saddle pad. Too long and the pad will extend over the horses rear quarters and look odd. Too short and it the saddle may extend past the length of the saddle pad. So measure your horses’ back as well as the length of your saddle to ensure that the western saddle pads you are considering will be of the correct length.

Other aspects to consider is the type of riding you do. General trail riding will require a different saddle pad than barrel racing. While you may think that the most costly western saddle pads are superior, sometimes they are not. Consider your budget and the type of riding you do most and find a saddle pad that fits your priorities and needs. Most riders find that a mid range priced western saddle pad suits best. The lower cost pads may not last very long and are not always the bargain they first appear to be.

Western saddle pads come in a vast array of colours and shapes. Shapes range from straight cut rectangular to rounded and contoured. The colour selection is huge. You can find saddle pads with solid colours like pink, green, blue, purple and more. Others feature patterns and designs including the popular Rebel saddle pad.

So spend some time measuring and then select the best western saddle pads for you. One thing to remember is that unlike your saddle the saddle pad will most likely not last as long as the saddle or your horse. Have fun and enjoy the pleasures of riding everyday.

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